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Saturdays in January Beat the Winter Blues accessorizing workshops; January 21: Healthy Bra Clinic.

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New stock! Colour blocking, basic neutrals and a full assortment of beautiful colour in stock. Click here to check out what's in the store now...
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Welcome to Marilyn's
Over 30 years in the heart of Toronto's Fashion
Service Guaranteed!

Marilyn's is a unique wholesale-retail experience. An experience not to be missed awaits you at Marilyn's - You will be served!

You will see thousands of items of clothing (mostly made in Canada; in sizes 2 to 24) and affordable stylish accessories. Pleasing even to those with the most discerning eye. Presented in the unpretentious Fashion District Style.

Don't worry you won't be overwhelmed!
Why? Because you will be assisted by Marilyn's experienced fashion team to pull the clothes that will best suit you and work to make your wardrobe statement. As a result, you will understand the difference between just buying clothes and purchasing clothing that fits you in every way and fulfills your wardrobe needs.

Enjoy a shopping experience that is uplifting and educational.

  • Retail therapy at its best!
  • Always Includes a Temptation Sale Rack!

Clients from all over the world return time after time to update their wardrobes.They shop with the confidence that they will only go home with pieces that fit their lifestyle and make them look their best. Most clients build relationships that grow from their initial visit.

There really is something for everyone at Marilyn's.

Marilyn's spectacular umbrella gallery and new gift items some crafted by Canadian First Nation Artists

Location: Toronto's Fashion District
200 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2C2
Half way between Dundas St. and Queen St (#501),
just south of Sullivan St.
(see location page for details)




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